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With the high price of land and feed, today's cattleman is faced with the challenge of maximizing profitability by reducing costs! The ideal cow must winter on a low cost ration while maintaining her condition. She must then calve and re-breed to calve at the same time next year, while providing enough milk to raise a large, bloomy calf but not milk so much that she looses her condition. Because she is low maintenance, she is more fertile and has greater longevity reducing your replacement costs.

Throw in the fact that the Herefords quiet temperament makes them easier to handle, giving you less stress when your family or friends are working along side you. Whether you are selling your Charolais/Hereford cross steers or red and black baldy heifers, feedlots and producers are consistently paying premiums for these high quality animals.


Our Farm

At Fossay Herefords, you will find hereford cattle for sale that are raised to be efficient and hardy. We believe the best cows are the ones that produce a live calf every year and pay for more than themselves. We strive to breed and sell a complete product with exceptional growth and carcass traits, yet we will never sacrifice fertility and the herefords' strong maternal qualities.

The Boys

Fossay Herefords
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Fossay Herefords
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Fossay Herefords
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Fossay Herefords
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Fossay Herefords
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Fossay Herefords
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Fossay Herefords
Fossay Herefords

Herefords For Sale

Woodlands, MB ~

We currently have bulls for sale on the farm, suitable to use on both heifers and cows. Give us a call.


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Please feel free to reach Bryan by phone/text at (204) 795-0961. To get in touch with us by eMail, please fill out the form below.

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